Opensearch Add-ons for Web Browsers

All these Opensearch plugins will work with the following browsers:-

Note that Internet Explorer will not display the custom icon with the latest versions of these addons as it can't deal with embedded icons. Functionality is not impaired.

Debian Search plugins

Search the Debian mailing lists for recent posts. Uses the Beta SSL Google search engine to show the last months posts. The time period can be changed by selecting a different one on the left-hand side of the Google search results page.
If no search terms are entered the Search Form for the Debian lists will be shown.

These are the latest versions, created March 11, 2012, and have updated contact details, an embedded icon instead of linked, and display a warning if the search term is empty (very little difference).

Older versions hosted at, also hosted at Mozilla as part of my Debian search tool collection.

These plugins were last updated in November 2011, there are only minor differences between these, and the latest versions.

GooglePlus Search plugin

Search bar plugin for fast, low bandwidth searching of public Google+ posts using the beta Google SSL search engine.
An older version is available at, and at Mozilla

The latest version has an embedded icon instead of linked, and includes Google suggestions. I've submitted it to Mozilla for review, in the mean time it's available below:-

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