Free Open Source Software

Debian(external link) is a Free Open Source(external link) Operating System, and it's my favourite.

Why is Debian good?
Not because it costs no money, and not because it's not Closed Source(external link) (I have nothing against Closed Source or commercial software), it's because it has clear rules I agree with, and because I believe it offers the greatest choices.

Even if you haven't heard of Debian, Linux(external link), HURD(external link), FreeBSD(external link), or Apache(external link) - you've probably heard of Firefox(external link). All of these are available as FOSS (Iceweasel is the FOSS version of Firefox).

No software is perfect, no matter what it costs, and I won't get into meta-semantic quibbling or rhetoric (fanboi) about whether FOSS or Closed Source is better. Only that it's generally easier to fix the failings or shortcomings of FOSS, and part of the reason for this website is to document and distribute changes and fixes I've made to FOSS applications.

NOTE: this page also appear in the Services section of this site. As I get time I'll be moving more material from my internal wiki and clients webserver onto this website, and separating it into commercial (Services) and non-commercial (Community) areas - each will have different privacy policies.
Thanks for your patience.

Apache Web Server logo

64% of websites run Apache web server.

A Debian logo

Debian supports the Linux, kfreeBSD, and Hurd kernels, 10 different processor architectures, and over 20,000 software packages.
If you've ever seen Ubuntu or Mint then you've seen repackaged Debian (this webserver runs pure Debian).

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